Collections Manager of Minerals

Perot Museum of Science and Nature
Position Summary: Manage the acquisition, care, and use of mineral collections according to the highest professional standards of conservation as well as maintain complete and accurate records of the museums’ holdings and all collections’ activities.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage all aspects of the storage, maintenance, use, security and preventive conservation of collections stored at the museum and its facilities
  • Manage documentation associated with the acquisition, care, exhibition, and loan of collections
  • Responsible for the coordination of developing and implementing an Integrated Pest Management program
  • Implement policies and procedures for collections care and use (with curator consultation)
  • Manage mineral collections budgets and business functions (with curator consultation)
  • Coordinate collections’ activities with other departments (e.g. risk management issues with
  • Supervise and train collection volunteers in the methods and procedures relating to collections’ preparation and care

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

Education/Experience: The job requires general knowledge equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in an earth science field (e.g., geology); with 2 years work experience in museum collections’ management, care, and documentation or over 5 years extensive experience in a managerial position of a natural history collection; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

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