Herbarium Curatorial Assistant

The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium is seeking a Curatorial Assistant for algae, bryophytes and fungi.  This is a full-time, core (i.e., not grant funded) position.

The Curatorial Assistant will participate in basic herbarium activities, e.g. collections processing, filing and specimen catalogues, loan request fulfillment for algae, bryophytes, fungi (including lichens).


  • Process incoming new collections, including databasing specimen labels
  • Database, repair and refile specimens returned from loan
  • Update specimen database records to reflect taxonomic changes made by curators and visitors
  • Assist in special herbarium projects, such as expansion, rearrangement and curation


  • A minimum of a B.S. or B.A. in biology, taxonomy coursework preferred
  • Experience with herbarium specimens and curation
  • Familiarity with specimen digitization and capable of accurate, efficient computer entry of botanical and geographical information
  • Knowledge of plant taxonomy and nomenclature
  • Comfortable with climbing a 4 ft ladder for filing specimens in extra-tall cabinets
  • Capable of and willing to do organized, neat, detailed and accurate work

To Apply: http://www.nybg.org/employment/?p=job%2Fohbu4fwK