Collections Manager for Non-Molluscan Invertebrates

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences:  Collections Manager for Non-Molluscan Invertebrates
Salary: $35,474.00 – $57,292.00
Location: Wake County, NC
Job Type: Permanent Full-Time
Department: Dept of Natural and Cultural Resources
Closing: 1/5/2018 5:00 PM Eastern
Description of Work
The N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (NCDNCR) is the state agency with a vision to be the leader in using the state’s natural and cultural resources to build the social, cultural, educational and economic future of North Carolina. NCDNCR’s mission is to improve the quality of life in our state by creating opportunities to experience excellence in the arts, history, libraries and nature in North Carolina by stimulating learning, inspiring creativity, preserving the state’s history, conserving the state’s natural heritage, encouraging recreation and cultural tourism, and promoting economic development.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences‘ mission is to illuminate the natural world and inspire its conservation. The Museum enhances the public’s understanding and appreciation of the natural environment in ways that emphasize the biodiversity of North Carolina and the southeastern United States and relates the region to the natural world. The mission is accomplished by maintaining the state’s zoological and geological collections; conducting statewide biological survey research and environmental studies; offering exhibits that feature plants and animals of North Carolina; presenting natural history programs for children and adults; providing experiential workshops in the natural sciences for teachers; and producing and disseminating publications about nature and environment.

The Museum’s Research & Collections (R&C) section includes research scientists, collections curators, collections managers and support professionals.  The major responsibilities of the R&C section are to maintain and expand the Natural Sciences research collections of the Museum, conduct original research, disseminate research results, participate in science communication, public outreach, and education, and assist other Museum sections, in programming and exhibit development.  R&C staff and facilities are spread across three Museum buildings: The Nature Exploration Center (NEC), the Nature Research Center (NRC), and the Research Laboratory.  This position is located primarily in the Research Laboratory facility.

This position will be primarily responsible for the management and maintenance of the Museum’s Non-Molluscan Invertebrate Collection and associated curatorial duties (databasing, specimen inventory and management, managing loan activity, collection expansion, participating in funded collections grants, seeking additional collections stewardship funding, etc.).  This position will be responsible for coordinating, training, and supervision of volunteers and others who might work with this Collection.  This position will be expected and encouraged to participate in active research projects in invertebrate biology, taxonomy, and/or ecology, leading to publication of results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and popular media outlets.  The position will participate in various educational and outreach activities of the Museum, including (but not limited to): annual signature events; regular, short science presentations offered to the public; and ‘behind-the-scenes’ tours of the Collections facilities.  This position might also be called upon by other state agencies or external organizations to provide collections information, training and other assistance.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies:

  1. Demonstrated knowledge of invertebrate taxonomy and/or biology.
  2. Demonstrated experience with microscopy, scientific illustration, and/or other methodological skills related to working with invertebrate specimens.
  3. Ability to learn computer languages.
  4. Ability to converse using professional interpersonal and public communications skills.
  5. Ability to organize and work independently to accomplish assigned tasks in a timely manner.
Minimum Education and Experience Requirements
Graduation from a four-year college/university with a degree in biology, zoology, or a science curriculum related to the area of expertise and two years of experience in specialty area; a master’s degree in natural science area may be substituted for experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Management Preferences:

  • Master’s degree
  • Demonstrated experience managing or curating natural sciences collections
  • Demonstrated experience using electronic relational databases