Supervisory Registrar position open at the Smithsonian National Zoo; please see announcement #18R-LM-303758-DEU-NZP from July 10-24, 2018 OR until the date 100 applications are received, whichever comes first.  You must apply through

The incumbent serves as Registrar, responsible for the registration programs which ensure the accountability and legal control of the collections in the Zoo’s custody.  The incumbent manages the program areas for acquisition/disposition, incoming and outgoing loans, legal documentation, wildlife permits, collection inventories and the shipping and receiving of specimens and parts.  These programs involve both living collections and biomaterials in 15 collecting units located on two campuses.

The incumbent serves as principal advisor to the Senior Executive Officer on NZP registration and collection management adherence to the collection management policy, and to senior staff on legal and logistical aspects of NZP Collection activities; manages the development, implementation, and review of transaction management, inventory control policies and collection management procedures within NZP, and assist in same at Institutional levels; advises the senior staff on current museum collection management, and transaction activities; manages the operations of the transaction management/collection records office, and ensures adequate supervision of staff; and works close with curators, keepers, veterinary staff, scientists and data-administration and IT systems personnel in development of Zoo-wide digital procedures and processes.