The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections [SPNHC] is an international organization devoted to the preservation, conservation and management of natural history collections.

Our Members:

Identify, Catalog, and Document

Correct identification and organization of specimens and their associated information is critical for the use of collections and requires experience and specialist knowledge.

Prepare, Preserve, and Conserve

Ensuring the future availability of collections and their supporting documentation depends on a holistic approach to their care as well as the correct use of conservation and preparation materials and techniques.

Research and Develop

SPNHC members carry out specimen-based research on collections, and also research to develop new techniques for specimen care and preservation.


From physical access to digitization and databasing, our members make collections accessible for use today and into the future.

Advocate and Educate

SPNHC takes a leading role in promoting collections care issues to the academic community, governments, and the general public. Our members are dedicated to training and mentoring the next generation of collections professionals.

The Society hosts annual meetings and maintains an active roster of publications, including Collection Forum, a journal that accepts submissions on all aspects of natural history collections management and conservation, a bi-annual Newsletter, and books that examine various aspects of natural history collections care, development and management. SPNHC is led by a talented group of individuals who are elected by the membership. Much of our work is accomplished through our committees, which form the backbone of our Society.

Natural history collections are part of our global heritage and a priceless resource for research and education. We encourage you to explore this site for information about SPNHC and how our members work to ensure the future of collections.